About Us

Caddis Aerial, LLC has obtained the requisite FAA 333 Exemption to fly commercially.

Steve McCormack and Daryl Crites, local licensed land surveyors, announce that their Durango-based business, Caddis Aerial, is providing professional drone services for local, national and international customers.

McCormack, a licensed pilot, and Crites, serving as visual observer and flight support, have recently been issued the requisite exemption by the Federal Aviation Administration licensing/exemptions to fly drones commercially.

Using two roto-coptor drones, an Aibotix X6V2 (www.aibotix.com) with millimeter precision, and a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 with K4 60FPS video capability (www.yuneec.com), Caddis Aerial provides a myriad of professional services, including: aerial mapping photogrammetry; utility line and tower inspections; real estate videos; aerial inspections (roofs, bridges, dams, material stockpiles, etc.); architectural 3-D renderings; avalanche study support; search-and-rescue applications; archeological and environmental inspections; geographical monitoring and more.